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Artist Statement

I’ve been painting since I was in high school. I began painting watercolor landscapes and moved on to portraits, nudes and genre paintings when I attended Corcoran art school. I started painting abstract or non-objective paintings when I moved to New York.

Many of my paintings are landscapes, although some of my paintings seem to have only a minimal reference to a place, I often do have a place in mind. Most of my paintings include water and sky, perhaps because I have always lived near an ocean. Aerial views, seen from airplane windows, also influence some of the shapes in my works.

I am a traditional painter in my methods and materials. I paint in oils on stretched canvases. I start paintings with charcoal lines and thin color washes and often incorporate the charcoal under-dryings in the finished work. I feel that color and balance are the most important elements in my paintings.            Studio: 256 West 116th Street New York City      


Art Directors Fine Arts Show 1988

Heller Gallery, Design Building 1989

Solo exhibition, Bazinis NYC 2004

The Vision Glorious, General Seminary NYC 2005

Harlem Artists: New Work, Macy Gallery, Columbia University, 2006

Variety of Gifts, ECVA, Trinity Museum NYC 2007 and 2008

Permanent exhibition: All Saints NYC

Art Harlem Open Studios 2008, 2009,2010

America the Beautiful, Christ Church Cathedral, Lexington, KY

Robin Rule

Carter Burden Gallery 2019